[A-DX] Grönland auf Mittelwelle

Michael Wlochinski
Mi Aug 20 23:02:29 CEST 2014

Hallo zusammen,

OM Stig Hartvig Nielsen schrieb in der Mailingliste des Medium Wave Circles:

"Good news from Greenland. It has been revealed a few hours ago, that
KNR is to return to three Medium Wave frequencies following a lot of
criticism about the lack of reception of KNR on the sea and outside
towns and villages in Greenland.

Three MW frequencies are expected to return:

Qeqertarsuaq - anytime between October 1st and December 1st 2014
Nuuk  - anytime between January and March 2015
Simiutaq, Qaqortoq –  approx.  June 1st 2015

No frequencies nor powers were quoted, but previously they were:

Qeqertarsuaq –  650 kHz (5 kW)
Nuuk  - 570 kHz (5 kW)
Simiutaq, Qaqortoq – 720 kHz (10 kW)
And 650 kHz is of course the most commonly reported KNR frequency."

Man darf also gespannt sein.

Michael Wlochinski, DB9DX
QTH: Mönchengladbach