[A-DX] Grönland wieder auf Mittelwelle!

Christoph Ratzer
Mi Aug 20 23:04:45 CEST 2014

Es gibt sie noch, die guten Nachrichten, das Walboot Sonya läuft wieder aus.

Good news from Greenland. It has been revealed a few hours ago, that KNR is to return to three Medium Wave frequencies following a lot of criticism about the lack of reception of KNR on the sea and outside towns and villages in Greenland.   

 Three MW frequencies are expected to return:

 Qeqertarsuaq - anytime between October 1st and December 1st 2014

Nuuk  - anytime between January and March 2015

Simiutaq, Qaqortoq –  approx.  June 1st 2015


No frequencies nor powers were quoted, but previously they were:

 Qeqertarsuaq –  650 kHz (5 kW)

Nuuk  - 570 kHz (5 kW)

Simiutaq, Qaqortoq – 720 kHz (10 kW)


And 650 kHz is of course the most commonly reported KNR frequency reported in Europe.

Best 73’s

Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Denmark (via Medium Wave Circle)

73 Christoph