[A-DX] {dxld} VOA Radiogram, July 5-6 (still on shortwave)

So Jul 13 14:21:24 CEST 2014

Am 13.07.2014 00:52, schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> Hello Roger,
> I rarely see fuzzy decoded images in your reports, so your image of 
> Eric's Lincoln was a refreshing change.
> The VOA Radiogram images were excellent.
> All the best,
> Kim

This time I used the KBC daytime broadcast on 6095 kHz
The conditions in the 49 meter band (here in the vicinity of the 
transmitter) were sometimes very bad - almost a SWF.
Just at the moment of the digital transmission (1 minute) a fade out.....
The MFSK64 - text has survived it without any problems.
But in the picture you can see, however, what was heard: A certain 
amount of noise.
But the quality was again sufficient to identify Eric's vehicle.
At halfway reasonable quality of the images I use the opportunity of a 
program from the analog SSTV-world: the *SSTV-image-denoiser*
This program may very well minimize erroneous horizontal lines in the