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Fr Mai 1 19:11:36 CEST 2015




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Betreff:     [dxld] WRTH A15 pdf now available
Datum:     Fri, 1 May 2015 09:37:50 -0700
Von:     Glenn Hauser 

**ANNOUNCEMENT*** WRTH has released their A15 International Radio & COTB
schedules file. The A15 schedules file is available for free download
(whilst donations are appreciated, they are by no means mandatory).

Use the following link, and click on "International Updates":

This file is in PDF format and you will need a PDF viewing program (such as
the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) in order to open this file. The pdf id 2.3MB
in size and contains 78 pages, consisting of: Summer (A season) 2015 LW/MW &
SW schedules for International broadcasters and Clandestine & Other Targeted
(COTB) Broadcasts; International DRM broadcasts; a 'By Frequency' listing of
the broadcasters; Selected language broadcasts (English, French, German,
Spanish and Portuguese); and finally a list of sites used in the schedules,
together with name, location, co-ordinates and type (LW/MW &/or SW).

Despite the doom and gloom surrounding shortwave and international
broadcasting, please be assured there is still a lot to listen to, broadcast
in many, many languages to all parts of the world. There are even new SW
stations popping up from time to time. There are at least 6 new entries in
this file, that have come on air since WRTH2015 was published. That has to
be encouraging!

If you haven't already got your copy of WRTH 2015, you can still order
on-line direct from our website or from Amazon.com (At last Amazon seems to
have sorted out whatever issue they had, which caused unacceptable delays
and annoyance for our valued readership). Using the A schedules together
with the printed WRTH gives you powerful tools to help you get the most from
your listening.

Sean Gilbert - WRTH
(via BDXC-UK yg 1410 UT May 1, via DXLD)