[A-DX] Shortwave Radiogram, 18-21 March 2021:

Donnerstag, 18. März 2021, 23:51 Uhr

The spring time change is now complete in North America (a few states 
and provinces do not observe daylight time). WINB on 9265 kHz and WRMI 
9955 kHz keep programs at the same Eastern times, so Shortwave Radiogram 
will be one hour earlier by UTC on these frequencies. WRMI on all its 
other frequencies, and WINB on their DRM frequency, stay with UTC, so 
Shortwave Radiogram will be one hour later by local time in most of 
North America on those frequencies (WRMI: 15770, 5850, 7730 and 7780 
kHz). See the updated schedule below.


Shortwave     Radiogram     Transmission     Schedule

UTC Day     UTC Time     Frequency kHz     Transmitter

Thursday     2330-2400     9265              WINB Pennsylvania
Friday       1300-1330     15770             WRMI Florida
Friday       1500-1530     13655 DRM         WINB Pennsylvania
Saturday     0000-0030     9955              WRMI Florida
Saturday     0330-0400     9265              WINB Pennsylvania
Saturday     1330-1400     15770             WRMI Florida
Sunday       0800-0830     5850 and 7730     WRMI Florida
Sunday       2330-2400     7780              WRMI Florida

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The "number zero" of the VOA radiogram from 2013 already contained Flmsg