Re: [A-DX] TIAMS#113 & RNEI#17 May 2021

Sonntag, 02. Mai 2021, 18:04 Uhr

Am 02.05.2021 um 11:27 schrieb Roger:
> "...New RNEI at 1100UTC Sunday on 6070kHz from Germany.
> Let's see what 6dB PAPR clipping does to QAM16 Ham-DRM! :D @...
> Also featuring some PSK500R to annoy @...  " 


dekodierte HTML:

"Bonus-Link" aus der HTML:
Radio Northern Europe International Show #17
The full playlist of RNEI 17 including Mammas Mest Metal & the songs 
that are on Spotify from Stephens Feature
16 Songs, 1 Std. 1 Min

Der DRM-Modus war allerdings QAM4, nicht QAM16: