Re: [A-DX] DRM Hungary auf 26060 kHz

Sonntag, 23. Mai 2021, 15:04 Uhr

Am 23.05.2021 um 14:42 schrieb Frank H. Schuettig via
> Habe die Frequenz gerade mal auf den WebSDR in NW Irland versucht.
> Das Signal liegt an, es komt aber zu Aussetzern. Das kann aber auch am Internet liegen.
> Gibt es da eine direkte E-Mail Adresse? QSL?

On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 11:35 PM Ádám Kiss > wrote:
Dear DReaM Developers,

I am a student of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 
taking part in our DRM transmitter project. Basically we are on the air 
now, aiming to provide opportunity for signal propagation experiments 
and receiver tests still in the development phase.

We currently play out a 25-hour prerecorded program via mplayer to the 
onborad soundcard of a PC running Linux. Dream receives the data of the 
monitor port of this card, encodes the sound using FAAC, generates the 
baseband IQ samples of the DRM signal to be transmitted, then outputs 
these IQ signals through a SoundBlaster Live! card, which we feed into a 
Rohde & Schwarz IQ modulator (R&S SMIQ). This later one drives the 
consecutive power amplifier chain and antenna. (Further details can be 
found on  and the monitored transmission 
is available here: ).

Since our goal is to provide opportunity for all receiver manufacturers 
worldwide to test their products on a live system, we intend to transmit 
a stream which contains Journaline data and slide show as well in 
addition to the audio data. To this end we would have to feed an MDI 
stream into the DREAM modulator software. We tried to reconfigure DReaM 
to use this data stream, then we saw that this feature is not 
implemented yet. I checked the source code of DREAM and saw that MDI 
decoding is implemented, although it is not integrated with the 
transmitter module.
Do you have any plans for implementing this feature in the near future? 
I would like to rely on free software as long as I can, and DReaM fits 
well to this objective.

Thank you for your consideration.
With best regards
Adam Kiss
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory
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