[A-DX] SWRG#206 spectrogram / HF Doppler

Freitag, 28. Mai 2021, 20:17 Uhr



 From ARRL.org:

June 2021 Eclipse Festival Seeks Ham Participants

May 25, 2021

HamSCI is looking for ham radio operators to make recordings of
time-standard stations during the June 2021 annular solar eclipse
across the Arctic Circle as part of a citizen science experiment.
Researchers will use the crowd-sourced data to investigate the
superimposed effects of auroral particle precipitation and the
eclipse on HF Doppler shift.

Participants would collect data using an HF radio connected to a
computer running open-source software. A precision frequency
standard, such as a GPS-disciplined oscillator, is desired but
not required to participate. Radio amateurs and shortwave
listeners around the globe are invited to take part, even
stations far from the path of totality.

Last year's eclipse festivals included more than 100 participants
from 45 countries. The experiment will run June 7 – 12. All
participants will receive QSL certificates and updates as the
data is processed. This is a pilot experiment for HamSCI’s
Personal Space Weather Station project, which seeks to develop a
global network monitoring the geospace environment. For more
information and set-up instructions, visit the June 2021 Arctic
Eclipse Festival page on the HamSCI website:



Beispiel für Doppler-Shift bei Backscatter-Signalen:
Example of Doppler shift for backscatter signals:

Der Frequenz-Versatz bei Träger und MFSK-Pilotton war sehr diffus, aber 
The frequency offset of the carrier and MFSK pilot tone was very 
diffuse, but identical.