Re: [A-DX] Trans-Atlantic FM DX!

Lothar Pohl
Freitag, 02. Juli 2021, 20:48 Uhr

Die Meldung gefällt mir. Wie ist denn da die Auswahl getroffen worden.
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Am 02.07.2021 um 05:59 schrieb Bryce Foster   [WOR]  via
> A few intra-song breaks went by what sounded like Portguese language.
> With
> the help of some peers I got a stream match to "Antena 3" Pico da
> Barossa,
> Azores. This is 2,376 miles from here... not sure if 2x or 3x.

2376 Miles = 3824 km   = 2  x  1912 km

In contrast to Sporadic-E reception via only 1500 km, there are weaker
signals at 2000 km.
But, because of the shallower angle, they are longer and more stable.
So, from my point of view, there is a higher statistical probability of
observed double hops via 4000 km than via 3000 km.
Seen in this way, the approx. 3800 km are within the reasonable
expectation range for double skips.