[A-DX] Bilsdale transmitter on fire

Donnerstag, 12. August 2021, 17:51 Uhr


Bilsdale transmitter fire, the potential repercussions for mobile phone 
users on the moors

Bilsdale transmitter fire TV and radio FULL AUDIO From BBC Local Radio 



More than a million people in the North East are still without TV and 
radio services following a fire at a transmitter in Bilsdale earlier in 
the week.
A fire broke out at the television and radio transmission station on 
Tuesday 10th August. Black smoke was reported at Bilsdale transmitter, 
with the signal mast near Helmsley on fire.
The incident has affected all of the BBC’s radio and television services 
in North Yorkshire, with areas including Darlington, Aycliffe, Teesside 
and some areas in North Yorkshire impacted.
Viewers in the area are still able to access BBC programmes on iPlayer 
in spite of the loss of transmission, while radio shows can be accessed 
via BBC Sounds.

On 10 August 2021, a fire started at the complex which included the 
mast. At 13:19 an engineer working at the transmitter called the North 
Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service stating that he believed the mast was 
on fire and could see smoke coming from below the first stay level 50–60 
metres (160–200 ft) from the ground.[5] It was reported that up to one 
million homes had lost TV and radio signals.[6] Concerns were raised 
about the stability of the tower immediately following the blaze, which 
now needs to have a structural engineering assessment.[7] Arqiva 
confirmed that they were working on restoring service using a 
combination of temporary structures and existing infrastructure around 
the region, but were unable to provide a timescale for this.[8] Viewers 
in the Hartlepool and Redcar and the eastern edges of Middlesbrough 
should now be able to receive their television services from the Eston 
Nab transmitter. The frequencies of the Eston Nab relay have been 
altered to match the frequencies of the out-of-service Bilsdale 
frequencies, for the PSB TV services.[9]