Re: [A-DX] RADIO NUG of Myanmar opposition radio, via Pao Chung TWN and MGLOB Madagascar

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sonntag, 22. August 2021, 17:51 Uhr

MADAGASCAR   NUG - Myanmar opposition radio, ENC U.K. brokered ?.

Thanks Mauno, due to my personal data urged by F_B organization ...

but I don't have access to F_B websites since 2010 last decade !
sorry,  - send the 17710 kHz bcast center location as e-mail please.

Just checked 17710 kHz channel 10 mins ago at 13.30 UT on Aug 22,
on Perseus_server remotedly at Delhi,
and Kiwi_Net at Hanoi Vietnam,

negative, no MDG 17710 kHz signal traced today on Sunday 22 August.

But I noted instead  MDG AWR Vietnamese 17605.017 kHz S=9+20dB or -53dBm at
Hanoi VTN Kiwi_net sdr. 13.15 UT on Aug 22.

Mauno wrote today:
Oh, OK. What about making some kind of username for F_B ? There's some good
material in WRTH group. This was the announcement by MGLOB:

There will be two more test transmissions to Myanmar
next Friday 20th August as follows:
Frequency: 17710 kHz
0130 - 0200 UTC from Taiwan
1328 – 1358 UTC from Madagascar

Reception reports esp. from near the target area are welcome again to:


- - -

Thanks dear Mauno

> see my  g u e s s :::
> Myanmar Time (MMT) is 06:30 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time
> (UTC)
> SW 17710 kHz at 01.30 and 13.30 UTC schedule to read,
> 01.30 UT veiled data, probably via Pao Chung TWN 250 kW 205degr. ?
> 13.30 UT ENC Encompass Digital Media Services FMO brokery
> organized via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility.
> 250 kW 55degr - according US AGM RMS log file
> stay healthy

at same time daily 13-14 UT noted also at 13.15 UT
17605.017 kHz MDG of AWR in Vietnamese 250 kW 65degr.

and more logs
15629.835 UZB R Iran International Tashkent relay site

17530.076 STP VoA Kini 14.32 UT
17614.982 ARS HQ Saudi Radio Riyadh
17625even ARS Saudi Radio Riyadh
17660even ARS Saudi Radio in French, feed echo twice failure
17690even D__ US AGM VoA Tibetan from Lampertheim relay site
17710 no test today
17745even UAE BBC Somali via Al Dhabbaya, audio on LSB flank.
17770.005 TUR TRT Emirler in Arabic
17830.003 D__ R Farda Persian from Lampertheim relay site.
17855even ESP  REE Noblejas at 14-22 UT scheduled on air weekends
17880.007 THA R Farda Persian from Udorn Thani relay site.
17895.068 ARS Saudi Radio Riyadh

regards de wolfie df5sx

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