Re: [A-DX] [bdxc-news] Unidentified on 6115

Wolfgang Bueschel
Montag, 23. August 2021, 21:12 Uhr

Another DJ radio hobby sender.

Strong local signal in northern Netherlands, S=9+25db, distorted audio, 'not
clean' to listen, even BBC Oman on 6195 kHz is much better.

6114.940 kHz at 18.36 UT The Carpenters guitar group disc played via Neth

Nearby TWR Manzini SWZ on
6129.983 kHz at 1841 UT S=9+15db even in northern BeNeLux states.

5830.085 S=9+30dB in NoHOL at 1903 UT very nice audio quality.
5929.998 DEN  S=9+5dB in HOL at 19.01 UT.
5970.013 DEN  S=8 at 19.00 UT.
6020 kHz at 18.58 UT, 975 Hertz test tone, from China in Bulgarian ?
6065even ZMB  very seldom heard signals of Voice of Hope heard
         in the past here in central Europe,
         but tonigth some feeling of winter signal propagaion
         in late August as usual. S=8-9 at 18.50 UT.
6089.996 ETH  probably Asmara with some French sounded translations
         in between, 18.52 UT, S=9 fine signals tonight.
6139.989 HOL Saxophone fine music play R Onda Netherlands, S=9+25dB
         at 18.45 UT on Aug 23.

73 wb  df5sx

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From: Manuel Méndez 
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2021
Subject: [bdxc-news] Unidentified on 6115

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain
For a few days, an unidentified station has been heard on 6115 kHz in
the afternoon with non stop songs, preventing to hear Radio Congo
between 1800 and 1830, audible time for the African station here. Now,
1825, the unidentified station is on air.