[A-DX] PBS Yunnan - IDing as "Yunnan Radio International" on 6035 kHz.

Samstag, 02. Oktober 2021, 21:35 Uhr

Am 30.09.2021 um 16:50 schrieb Ron Howard  [WOR]:
> CHINA. 6035, *"Yunnan Radio International"* (PBS Yunnan), Sept 30 with 
> unusually good reception; tuned in at 1315,
> expecting to hear Chinese, but instead clearly with Vietnamese 
> (1300-1330?), so assume a new language schedule; in
> the past, 1000-1030 was their Vietnamese segment, followed by all 
> Chinese; today 1315-1330 was in Vietnamese, then
> nice clear IDs (one in English - "Yunnan Radio International"); then 
> into programs in Chinese. Was very pleased to find
> they are still giving IDs in English. 

云南人民广播电台香格里拉之声 (雲南 昆明):
The Voice of Shangri-La, Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station (Kunming, 
Yunnan) :