[A-DX] "DRM für den Amazonas"

Dienstag, 05. Oktober 2021, 17:01 Uhr


DRM Shortwave Will Serve Amazon Region

National Radio of the Amazon orders a 100 kW BT transmitter
By RW Staff
Published: October 4, 2021

Empresa Brasil de Comunicação, EBC, Rádio Nacional da AmazôniaNational 
Radio of the Amazon plans to use DRM shortwave transmissions to serve 
indigenous populations in the northern Amazon region, according to the 
Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium.
Public broadcaster Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) ordered a 100 kW 
BT transmitter to broadcast in DRM at 11,780 kHz in the 25-meter band, a 
shortwave channel used by Rádio Nacional da Amazônia.
The purchase, valued at about $650,000 USD, was the result of an auction 
held a year ago for purchase of equipment for EBC public radio broadcasts.
This is believed to be the first domestic DRM installation on a locally 
produced transmitter in Latin America.

Wie sieht es eigentlich mit "DRM-Kurbelradios" aus ?

Und preislich?

रo 35,000.00    Hm, doch noch so viel?  Der Umrechner zeigt etwas von 
405 €. Selbst für einen Häuptling noch ziemlich viel Geld.

Kim Andrew Elliott
(2/2) Kim's questions:
Will the transmitter be able to use another (lower) frequency at night?
How will DRM receivers, now hard to find most places in the world, be 
supplied to the audience?
Will 100 kW be enough to overcome interference from static crashes 
caused by lightning?