[A-DX] To Radio Emma Toc World Service Listeners (live test)

Roger Thauer
Samstag, 18. Dezember 2021, 21:18 Uhr

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Betreff:     [WOR] To Radio Emma Toc World Service Listeners
Datum:       Sat, 18 Dec 2021 06:24:38 -0800
Von:         Kari Kallio 

Just wondering if anyone wants to help me test out a new form of 
communication (well - new to me!) with a live stream on Mixcloud? I'm 
interested in testing out the possibilities of livestreaming a version 
of my Radio Emma Toc programme, but first need to test out the system.

I will be running a test on Saturday evening (tonight!) at 8pm 
(20:00UTC). To connect will simply involve clicking on this link at 8pm 
(there's nothing there from us until we start) -


It's a bit daunting doing a live stream as my SW programmes have been 
put together over time using recording & editing systems, so I can 
guarantee you'll either be in at the start of a good idea, or be able to 
see everything going completely wrong! Anyway - nothing ventured, 
nothing gained - & it could be rather fun!

For further details have a look here at my Twitter or Facebook pages


If there are any problems or changes then I will post on the above 
nearer the time. (Currently we have a slight broadband problem, but this 
morning all seems to be OK!).

Many thanks.