Re: [A-DX] Log: Radio Free America Latina 7780 kHz 0030 UTC

Roger Thauer
Samstag, 14. Mai 2022, 07:31 Uhr

Am 14.05.2022 um 05:34 schrieb Patrick Robic:
> via WRMI. IDs, Latinomx. O=2
> 73,
> Patrick 

New Azimuth Map for WRMI A22
May 4, 2022,    Guero

As you may be aware, WRMI has made some transmitter adjustments for the 
A22 season (something about 17th harmonics…) Here is an updated Azimuth map.
Changes include 7730 being a new 44° azimuth for EU, and 7780 now 
transmitting 222° to Central America.

Do you want Azimuth maps for other transmitter sites? Ask Guero in the 
HFZone Discord!

7780 kHz ist also nicht mehr ein Europa-Beam, d.h. Empfang hier etwas 
mehr "tricky".