Re: [A-DX] Radio Carpathia

Roger Thauer
Sonntag, 17. Juli 2022, 12:36 Uhr

Am 10.07.2022 um 00:48 schrieb Roger Thauer:
> My first ever shortwave program will feature music from Eastern 
> Europe, inspired by many of the former and current international 
> broadcasters from this region, as well as a playlist and image in 
> MFSK32 at the end.
> Reception reports can be sent to radiocarpathia@...

Momentan auf 9670 kHz  ==> UK/Benelux & Stream:
9+15  in SW-UK
Radio Carpathia

128 kbps /44 kHz MP3

Hello, and welcome to Radio Carpathia. On Radio Carpathia we will be 
featuring music from Eastern Europe, most notably Romania, Moldova, 
Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovakia and Serbia.

Broadcast schedule:
     Sunday,   17.07.2022, 1000 UTC, simulcast on Channel292 9670 kHz    
     Thursday, 04.08.2022, 0100 UTC, simulcast on WRMI 5850 kHz and 7780 kHz
     Thursday, 04.08.2022, 1300 UTC, simulcast on WRMI 15770 kHz
     Sunday,   07.08.2022, 0100 UTC, simulcast on WRMI 5010 kHz

Playliste in MFSK32 vermutlich kurz vor dem Ende des Programms kurz vor