[A-DX] Amica Radio Veneta 1017 Italy

Dario Gabrielli via groups.io
Donnerstag, 09. März 2023, 10:11 Uhr

Hello everyone!

We hereby wish to inform you that Amica Radio Veneta 1017 KHz from
northern Italy has begun to confirm reception reports, with information
about the type of receiver and antenna used, time and date when the
transmission was heard, together with the frequency. Send your reception
report to the following addresses: Amica Radio Veneta Via Paradisi 26
35010 Vigonza (PD) Italy, or by e-mail to amicaradioveneta@...
Recordings in MP3-format are welcome. We will confirm your report with
our electronic QSL via e-mail and/or physical QSL via postal mail. We
would also like to remind you that in order to receive the physical QSL
via postal mail you need to enclose a self-addressed envelope, with size
at least 23 x 11 cm, to the above address. DX-ers and listeners in
Italy: please stamp the return envelope. DX-ers from abroad: please
enclose 3 Euros to cover the return postage via PayPal at the following
email: amicaradioveneta@...

Dario Gabrielli Italy
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