Re: [A-DX] Log: WRMI 5950 kHz 0041 UTC

Roger Thauer
Montag, 10. April 2023, 12:30 Uhr

Am 10.04.2023 um 10:07 schrieb Patrick Robic:
> 0125 UTC: Pop Shop Radio aus Kanada mit Oldies (Playlist am Ende als 
> MFSK-64-Aussendung) 

RSID: <<2023-04-10T01:55Z MFSK-64 @ 5950000+1500>>

Pop Shop Radio - Radiogram
Show 2023-14
MFSK64 - Colour
200 x 200 px

Image: The_Lonnie_Donegan_Skiffle_Group-Rock_Island_Line
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The Lonnie Donnegan Skiffle Group-Rock Island Line
London 1650 (1956) USA
The first record and first hit from the King of Skiffle
Chart action:
UK: 8
Billboard Hot 100: 8

The Buckinghams-Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song)
Suzi Quatro-Your Mama Wont Like Me
R And J Stone-We Do It
Top Notes-Twist And Shout
The Buffoons-Sister Theresa East River Orphanage
The Valentines-My Old Man's A Groovy Old Man
Cat Mother and the All Night News Boys-Good Old Rock n Roll
Deodato-Also Sprach Zarathurstra
Maureen McGovern-The Morning After
Gloria Gaynor-Substitute
Lonnie Donnegan Skiffle Group-Rock Island Line
Buffy Sainte Marie-I Wanna Hold Your Hand Forever
Carly Simon-The Girl You Think You See
The Haircuts-Love Me Do
The Haircuts-She Loves You
Ken Tobias-I Just Want To Make Music
James Last-Happy Heart
Love Society-Bang On Your Own Drum
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Bonus: Lonnie Donnegan

Image: Lonnie_Donegan
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