[A-DX] Sondersendung 80 Jahre Woofferton

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Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2023, 09:28 Uhr


diese Info habe ich von Wolfgang Büschel bekommen. Ist sicher von Intertesse.

From: David Porter
Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2023 4:33 PM
Subject: Re: Woofferton : 80th Anniversary : Special broadcasts
With all now in place this is the most likely the final message about the WOF Special broadcasts!
Dave Porter G4OYX
Hi All,
Could you be so kind as to promulgate the following extra transmissions from Woofferton and the new information.
Woofferton Transmitting Station UK - 80th Anniversary - October 17, 2023
To mark this anniversary Encompass Digital Media at WOF will be running a special programme on HF : 

Tuesday 17th October 2023 from 1330 - 1430 UTC/GMT
Sender 95 Marconi (BD272 from 1963) 250 kW AM 15245 kHz Array 928 294* for North America

Sender 96 Riz 250 kW AMC 17785 kHz  Array 904A 114* for Europe and beyond.

Sender 92 Riz 110 kW DRM 11725 kHz  Array 909A 114* for Europe and beyond.

There will be an opening interval signal on all three frequencies.
The programme content will be historical facts of WOF in BBC, VoA, Radio Free Europe,
R Liberty ,CBC etc and the later privatised times; DW and VoV for example, 
as well as up-to-date information on DRM as well as personal recollections from many former WOF staff. There will be station idents of services over the years.
There will be a special e-QSL card and the chance to enter a competition to win a historic station artifact and a Woofferton 80th coffee mug
I am pleased to report that it will be streamed from London as part of the WRN offering and the details are below.
It will be on WRN English globally, this would then go out on Hotbird 13G, Astra 2G (Sky and Virgin Media), Intelsat 20 and Galaxy 19.
Webstreams are also available on the Encompass website.

 How to Listen - Encompass Marketing

QSLs will be verified and reports can be sent to: radio@...
Here are some coverage plots that have been released for the three frequencies.
They may be of dx-enthusiast interest.  We, at Encompass,will be interested to see the reception reports and the actual places where the transmissions land as against those shown by the plots.