[A-DX] DX Headlines Peter John 2024-03-29 15770 kHz WRMI

Roger Thauer
Samstag, 30. März 2024, 21:40 Uhr


MFSK-32 @ 500Hz:

I have a two relevant websites. First is of the Stichting Norderney, 
made by former employees of Veronica's during their time at sea. It is 
in Dutch, but there Google Translate might help. It has a lot of very 
unique photo material.


The other one is the very well informed Ofshore Radio Nostalgia, by Hans 
Knot and Martin van der Ven.


Photo of the Shivering Sands Maunsell Army Fort that once housed Radio 
City, is by Hywel Williams, licensed under CC Attribution 2.0
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