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[A-DX] QSL Kossuth Radio? Und wie!

  • Subject: [A-DX] QSL Kossuth Radio? Und wie!
  • From: "PPijpers" <Piet.Pypers@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 15:59:02 +0200

Suchte etwas anderes, fand aber diese Mitteilung in
BC-DX # 401.

73         Piet

HUNGARY   540  When I was looking for Hof/Wuerzburg 520 I noticed on 517
kHz a strong signal // 540 Kossuth R Budapest tx at Solt. Continuing
searching I found signals with decreasing strength every 23 kHz, so that
the spectrum looked like this 494 517 540 563 586. My first thought was
that there was a fault in the front end of my NRD535 as Budapest comes in
with about S9 +40 dB here in this part of Austria.  I immediately tested
the same freqs with my Drake R8B - the same effect, but not so strong, Solt
is S9 +20 here. A further test a few days later on both and a Sony SW77
showed that the phenomenon still existed.

Sent an e-mail to R Budapest, and got the reply:

My name is Narancsik Mihaly, I'm working at the Quality Assurance Dept. of
Antenna Hungaria Co.  - and received your e-mail from Magyar Radio.
Antenna Hungaria Co. transmits the progrs of Magyar R.  Our txing stn at
Solt txs the progr of Kossuth R on 540.  The peak carrier power is 2 MW,
which is Dynamic Carrier Controlled.  Reacting on your observation, we
examined the problem and we found the reason of the trouble. The staff of the txing stn at Solt repaired the defective unit during the night of Dec

 (Hubert Name gelöscht!-AUT, in BDXC-UK Communication, Jan, BC-DX # 401)

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