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[A-DX] EDXC Konferenz 99

  • Subject: [A-DX] EDXC Konferenz 99
  • From: "Christoph Ratzer" <christoph@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 20:18:41 +0200

Also findet doch ein EDXC-Treffen statt, für alle Freunde solcher Dinge
anbei die Mail von Risto.
73 cr

Ladies and gentlemen,

after negociations between the Danish Short Wave Club International and
the EDXC, I'm happy to announce that the EDXC Conference 1999 will be
organised in Copenhagen during the weekend 05-07 November.

The EDXC protocol normally puts up a voting on arranging the annual
conference, but as we are running out of time with this project and there
are no other candidates, I think that we can accept this without
comprehensive voting. Comments from the EDXC member clubs as well as from
individual DXers are of course most welcome. As we are in a hurry
now, I'll declare the case closed on Friday morning the 6th of August, so
send in your comments quickly.

Here follows a short summary of the conference details:

Copenhagen was proposed to the DSWCI as the conference venue because its
good location and transport facilities, and also because there is an
active group of DXers in the city itself.

The conference venue is Hotel Eremitage, about 11kms north of Copenhagen,
with good connections to the city center. The hotel fee for one night is
515 DKK single room and 740 DKK double room including breakfast. The
banquet dinner fee is 195 DKK. Otherwise no conference fee will be
charged, but when participating the excursions everybody must pay the
entrance fees and transports.

The preliminary meeting agenda:

Friday evening: unofficial gettogether at the hotel.

Saturday morning:  excursions and lunch on your own.

Saturday afternoon:  the EDXC annual meeting
additional programme items (videos, talks on actual
                     DX matters etc; your ideas are welcome.

Saturday evening: the EDXC banquet dinner.

Sunday morning:  excursions.

The excursions are not yet fixed, but possible targets include the new
Telemuseum and the Radiohouse.

Like you can see, this will not be one of the big EDXC conferences with
heaps of fine items, talks, excursions and so on, but we hope to see many DXers in Copenhagen during that weekend, enjoying a meeting where they can
talk about their hobby, learn new things and have a nice time.

best greetings and hope to see you in Copenhagen!

Risto Vahakainu
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