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[A-DX] UNICEF's Welt-Kindertag

  • Subject: [A-DX] UNICEF's Welt-Kindertag
  • From: BueschelW@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wolfgang Bueschel)
  • Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 11:56:59 +0100

Merlin hat 12 Sendestunden anlässlich des UNICEF Weltkindertags am 8.12.2002
gespendet. Aussendungen über Al Dhabbaya-UAE und Meyerton-AFS.

21730 aus Südafrika muesste eigentlich hier in Europa spielen, da wird
bestimmt eine 355 bis 007 Grad Antenne benutzt. 73 wb df5sx

Transmission Schedule (Sunday 8th December 2002)

Time (UTC) Frequency Transmitter Site Coverage Area
0330-0500 21630 kHz UAE China
0330-0500 17730 kHz UAE China
1000-1130 17720 kHz UAE India
1000-1130 15350 kHz UAE India

1300-1430 21730 kHz Meyerton West & Central Africa
1300-1430 15235 kHz Meyerton East & Central Africa
1300-1430 11505 kHz Meyerton Southern Africa
1300-1430  9800 kHz Meyerton Southern Africa

- - - - -

Thursday 5th December 2002

Sunday 8th December 2002

VT Merlin Communications, part of VT Group plc has donated twelve hours of transmission capacity to UNICEF as part of the International Children's Day
of Broadcasting on Sunday 8th December 2002.

The programmes, produced for UNICEF by BBC World Service Trust, will be
transmitted internationally by both VT Merlin, and partners Sentech in South
Africa to enhance UNICEF's broadcast schedule for this very special day.

VT Merlin will play out the programmes from its Central London Control room and distribute to the short wave facility it operates and maintains in the
United Arab Emirates, providing extensive coverage of China and India.

VT Merlin will also distribute the programmes to Sentech in South Africa who
will transmit them on short wave from Meyerton, providing UNICEF with
comprehensive coverage of the African Continent.

The International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) is all about
children telling their own story, as reporters, producers, writers, hosts and directors for TV and radio programmes. ICDB is the largest broadcast campaign for children in the world encompassing more than 2000 broadcasters
covering just about every part of the globe.  On the second Sunday of
December each year, broadcasters open their studios and airwaves to children and the result is innovative, lively and challenging programmes that attract
substantial audiences.

Richard Hurd, VT Merlin's Head of Transmission Services said:  "We are
delighted to be associated with the ICDB allowing children in the developing world, who might only have access to short wave radio, the opportunity to
hear the voices of other children from around the globe."

Marjorie Newman-Williams, Director of UNICEF's Division of Communications added: "ICDB allows children all over the world to express themselves and to be heard. UNICEF strongly believes that child participation is an essential part of every child's education and maturing process. Broadcasts such as these allow young people to develop their understanding of world events and
their role within them."

Dr Sebiletso Mokone-Matabane, Sentech's Chief Executive Officer said: "It is a privilege for Sentech to donate six hours of broadcast time in support of
this initiative to bring these programmes to the children of Africa. For
many people on the continent short wave radio is still the only medium of information in today's global village. We believe the broadcast time forms
an important building block in making the New Partnership for Africa's
Development (NEPAD) a reality."

(aus Cumbre list, Dez 6)

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