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[A-DX] Pacific Broadcast via long-path

  • Subject: [A-DX] Pacific Broadcast via long-path
  • From: "D.G.A. van der Knaap" <knaap159@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 19:00:33 +0100


Last days propagation on tropical bands has been good.
During the morning in the period between sunrise and
one hour afterwards it is possible to receive some
pacific broadcast stations in the (tropical) bands.
Some of them are heard regulary by others too.
Like: 7260kHz Radio Vanuatu
        5019.9kHz SIBC Honiara, Solomon Islands
        3935kHz ZLXA, Radio Reading Service, Reading New Zealand

Signals are normally weak, but can be nice strong in some cases.
(Sorry, but that needs some luck...)
Signals come in via South- or Central American direction.

Last year I decided to check if I could hear some other
pacific signals, and I managed to pick up:

3905kHz Radio New Ireland, Kavieng, Papua N. Guinea
4890kHz Karai Nat. Radio/NBC Port Moresby, Pap.N. Guinea.

Distance from Holland to Papua New Guinea via long-path is
over 26000km!!!!!!!!
I heard these stations several times around 08-0830 utc, one
day even until after 09utc!!!!
Signals last year where heard on a 150 and 200m long beverage.
NBC on 4890 was over s9 one day.........

So, maybe interesting to have a look for coming month


Dick, DKp4733/MWC-492

(Holten, East-Holland)

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