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[A-DX] Sondersendungen Schweden

  • Subject: [A-DX] Sondersendungen Schweden
  • From: "Wolf Harranth" <harranth@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 22:50:43 +0200

Dear Friends,
       Due to the special circumstances, we have and will continue to
significantly increase our broadcasts on short wave today. The exact usage
is not defined and very much depending on the developments but the
frequencies involved are 6065, 9490 and 17505 kHz, all of them frequencies
we normally have a significant usage of.
As much as possible, we will try to avoid causing more mutual interference
then needed.

A more detailed usage will be sent later on.

Yours sincerely, Magnus Wiberg, HF Frequency Planning, Teracom AB

Wolf Harranth OE1WHC - mailto:harranth@xxxxxxxx
QSL Collection - www.qsl.at

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