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[A-DX] 15th Anniversary of BCDX Net today

  • Subject: [A-DX] 15th Anniversary of BCDX Net today
  • From: "walter eibl" <we@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 12:51:06 +0100

            15th Anniversary of BCDX Net

   The weekly BC DX NET was started on  Sunday
November 27, 1988  by a small group of Amateurs viz.
VU2FOT Shanmughasundaram, 4S7VK Victor Goonetilleke
and VU2JOS Jose Jacob and some SWLs. So this Net is
celebrating it 15th anniversary today.

    The whole concept of this Net started when these
Hams used to meet regularily on the band and exchanged
DX news at various times. This later transformed into
a regular Net which benifitted many people. This net
is conducted on Sunday mornings for the advantage of
those who are keenly interested in Broadcast Band

    The unique thing about this Net is that it has
helped Hams to become SWL Dxers and SWLs to become

    On a typical Sunday morning, the  Net control
starts the Net by calling in for regular check-ins.
After about 10 minutes he gives the latest DX tips
that he has gathered and later other stations also
takes turn in exchanging their DX information. It has
all the ingrediants of a live two way DX program and
continues for 30 or 45 minutes depending on the
traffic. For some time it was known as SWL DX Net.

    The Net grew up with VU2KAK Anil, VU3SIO Sanil,
VU2ISR Harsha, VU3ITI Varadhan, VU3DJQ Raman, VU2NGB
Binu, VU2BNP Prahalad, VU3BGK Neel, VU2ICI Mohan etc.
joining in.

    In 1989 a monthly newsletter was published on
behalf of the Net by VU2FOT which was unfortunately
discontinued after some issues. In May 1991 a BC DX
Net Convention was held at Calicut which was a big
sucesses attended by over 85 people including Victor
Goonetilleke from Sri Lanka. A Ham station with the
special callsign VU2F was also operational at the
convention venue. A DX contest sponsored by Radio
Netherlands was organised  on 29 & 30 January 1994 in
collaboration with Union of Asian DXers, Sri Lanka.
Special QSL cards were issued by Radio Netherlands for
the occasion. In 1995 a special QSL card was also
issued to mark the 7th anniversary of the Net by
VU2BNP. In 1998 AWR Wavescan broadcast a special
program on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the
BCDX Net. Articles on BCDX Net has also appeared in
"NIAR Ham News" July 1998 issue, "Hamfest India" 1998
souvenir and other DX publications and was also
mentioned in  DX programs several times.

   The BCDX Net has been very regular all these long
15 years, thanks to the dedicated Net Controllers. Now
a days it is conducted on Sunday mornings at 8.30 am
Indian Standard Time  (0300 UTC)  on 7085 kHz on the
40 meter Amateur Band which covers South India and Sri
Lanka. Occasionly it was also conducted on the 20
Meter Band 14150 kHz at 2130 IST (1600 UTC).Currently,
the regular net controllers are VU3SIO, VU2FOT and
VU3BGK etc.

    The postal address of BC DX Net is Box 211,
Kozhikode 673001, Kerala, India.

                                          Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
                                National Institute of Amateur Radio
                          Raj Bhavan Road,  Hyderabad 500082, India

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