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[A-DX] Somalia

  • Subject: [A-DX] Somalia
  • From: "Thomas M. Rösner" <dl8aam@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 04:07:16 +0100


wohl auch für diese Liste interessant.
Dann werden wohl in den nächsten Sporadic-E Seasons
bald AFUs auf UKW 88-108 MHz belauschen können...hi

Interessant was alles dort neu für die Funkamateure
zugewiesen wurde...hi

Aber das sieht alles eher nach (Somalia-) Puntland als nach
Somalia-Mogadishu aus aus ...

73, Tom - DL8AAM (ex 5Z4GD)

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>From: "Fabian Kurz" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: LF: Somalia gets LF-Allocations
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>73, Fabian, DJ1YFK

>---- source: http://www.arnewsline.org/ , 23.July 2004 ----
>And finally this week, the ARRL Board Meeting was not the only place where 
>things were ham radio changes were happening last week.  Another was the 
>nation of Somalia which has acted to grant its ham radio population a power 
>increase to 3 kilowatts.  Thats right.  We said 3000 Watts and thats 3000 
>P-E-P for SSB and 3000 watts average for other modes.  Somalia is also 
>letting hams use of the 88 to 108 Mhz band for F-M and permitting Amateur 
>Television broadcasts to be conducted on any unoccupied standard VHF or UHF 
>television channel.  WIA newscaster Graham Kemp, VK4BB, has more:
>Yes the Ministry of Information, Telecommunication and Culture in Somalia 
>has made these changes and more as part of action to implement the W-R-C 
>2003 accords.
>And the Ministry has also made additional frequency allocations for amateur 
>radio experimenters in Somalia.  Radio Amateurs in that nation can operate 
>on additional bands including Zero to 9 Kilohertz,  from 70  to 90 
>Kilohertz and 130  to 190 Kilohertz.  On Medium Wave frequencies include 
>495 to 526 Kilohertz, while on the High Frequencies the hams of Somalia get 
>5.060 to 5.450 MHz and 26.100  to 29.700 MHz excluding 27.995 the sliver 
>band from to 27.999.
>This Ministry is promoting Somalia as the best holiday and research 
>destination for visiting radio amateurs.  This, as a way of attracting 
>skilled people to help the local Somali people become ham radio operators.  
>Abdikariim Ali Sulatn in Puntand State Somalia confirmed again that Aussie 
>Amateur Sam Voron, 6OA, will continue to conduct ham radio license 
>qualifying courses and issue amateur radio licenses free of charge "in the 
>name of this Ministry" until a national Somali Amateur Radio Society is 
>And, oh yes.  If you are planning to go there, a Somali Visitors Amateur 
>Radio License is now issued to any class of overseas amateur radio license 
>holder as a courtesy.  It is free of charge and issued for life unless 
>canceled by the Somali Government.  Talk about an inducement to visit a far 
>off land.  
>Reporting for the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Graham Kemp, VK4BB, for the 
>WIA News, in Brisbane, Australia.
>According to a Somali spokesman, as of now, no other country provides radio 
>amateurs with more frequencies or a higher transmitter power output.  He 
>added that Somalia welcomes visiting radio amateurs from throughout the 
>world.  (WIA News)
>Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK * http://fkurz.net/
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