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Re: [A-DX] Carillon Radio, 1386

  • Subject: Re: [A-DX] Carillon Radio, 1386
  • From: Herman Boel <herman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 22:54:52 +0100

Hi Christoph,

No, thats not correct ;-))
I mentioned that EMWG (which new edition is printed out in color here near my radios) cannot help me, BECAUSE I did NEVER expect that I could hear Carillon Radio (1W!) here in Salzburg, because the signal strengh are for me to high for a LPAM Station. So I think its a new station with much higher power - but EMWG info is correct and I received today my verification - thanks to EMWG which has also the correct adress information about the station.

As I said, I didn't mean to criticise.
You should mention your log to Steve Whitt from the British Medium Wave Circle. He keeps track of the distances of LPAM stations and your distance will surely stand out, especially as almost all of the signal route is over land.

Sorry for my wrong words, but the idea behind was different.... As you know I promote your fine publication in every possible way since many years, its the best source for MW-listeners and Dxers!

I know and I am very grateful for the promotion.
Let's attribute things to a language problem ;-)


- Herman -