[A-DX] Multi-channel HF decoding technology for powerful new SDRs

Christoph Ratzer
Mo Apr 1 11:17:21 CEST 2013

Weil das Thema Dekodierung gerade in aller Ohren ist, hier aktuelle Neuheiten von Jörg Klingenfuss:

Go2Monitor und Go2Signals scheinen ja für den Perseus Besitzer eine gute Wahl zu sein.

Dear friends,

"Been using your publications for 25 years now - keep up the
excellent work!" says Fred Dinning GM0GOV from Scotland. For more
recent references see below.

Despite a "weak" sunspot maximum so far, we continue to monitor
fascinating utility radio stations from all around the world, and
publish digital data decoder screenshots on a daily basis on our
website, so far produced with professional WAVECOM equipment.


Sample Decoding Videos

on our website for real radio monitoring and "life" decoding of
interesting digital data signals with WAVECOM. Many thanks to Mr.
Nils Schiffhauer DK8OK for producing these fascinating videos.
Pertinent codes, frequencies, stations, and schedules can be found in
our latest products.

Terrorism, paramilitary gangs and asymmetrical warfare demand
superiority of information. Every radio signal is a message. In
today's complex communication environment, the traditional approach
of manual channel stepping and signal search with just one or two
decoding channels is useless: way too slow, too amateurish, and too

Automatic monitoring is the challenge of the future. The increasing
density of radio signals and the growing complexity of customer-
specified and cryptic data transmission systems call for fully
automatic recognition, classification, recording, and decoding, based
on a knowledge base that is continuously updated by highly
professional radio signal experts. Parameters of new digital data
transmission protocols are added easily. This approach relieves the
radio monitoring operator of routine work and gives him time to
concentrate on new and unknown emissions.

Powerful new Software-Defined Radios (SDR) call for a new generation
of automatic monitoring tools with a virtually unlimited number of
decoders. Latest technology now provides dozens and even hundreds of
decoding channels within e.g. the full 30 MHz LF-MF-HF spectrum
offered by state-of-the-art wideband receivers, controlled by just
one Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Klingenfuss Radio Monitoring is currently testing the brandnew PLATH
Go2Monitor and Go2Signals digital data decoders, introduced only in
early 2013. These easily connect to the PERSEUS SDR et al, and
display up to 500 kHz bandwidth in their sonagram and/or FFT. The
sophisticated software runs up to 64 classification - recognition -
decoding - recording channels simultaneously by simply clicking on a
selected signal. Example:


shows you the 125 kHz spectrum centered around 8480 kHz, and


shows you four simultaneous decoding channels:

Channel 1 = 8489 kHz GW-FSK (with matching known stations from our
frequency list)
Channel 2 = 8454.8 kHz STANAG 4285
Channel 3 = 8446.5 kHz PACTOR-2
Channel 4 = 8431 kHz SITOR

A few representative Go2Signals screenshots have been included in our
updated 10-pages PERSEUS User Test as well, see


Our continuously updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on
USB Stick now covers more than 9,400 (nine thousand four hundred!)
screenshots from 1997 to today. Feed your PC or Tablet with this CD,
and the "slide show" will keep you busy for a few days - or weeks!

The new 2013 Klingenfuss catalogue plus full A4 size sample pages of
all our printed publications, and much more, can be downloaded from
our website. Simply click the PDF or GIF symbol!

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73 Christoph