[A-DX] EMWG Perseus file

Herman Boel
Mi Apr 10 13:19:05 CEST 2013

Dear all,

There is now also a Perseus user list file with the EMWG data. Please go 
to http://www.hermanboel.eu/emwg/online-perseus.htm for the EMWG Perseus 


* When you have downloaded the file, please rename it to either 
userlist1.txt or userlist2.txt and put it in the Perseus directory on 
your computer. Please only activate the Perseus after you have done this.

  * In various cases there will be stations which are seemingly on the 
air 24h a day while this is not really the case. The reason is that the 
Perseus software requires a time slot to be filled in, regardless of 
whether it is correct. This means that when I am not sure at what times 
a particular station is on the air, I had to put '0000-2400' as 
otherwise Perseus would not show the station on its frequency.

* Please note this is a test version only. It still needs a bit of 
tweaking. However, it contains all EMWG data that can fit in the Perseus 
software and is perfect for use.
Corrections, feedback, donations, support, etc. are of course always 

Met vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards,

- Herman -