[A-DX] [dxld] VOA Radiogram

So Apr 28 12:51:44 CEST 2013

Am 28.04.2013 05:13, schrieb Walter Salmaniw:
 > Monitored tonight at 02:30 to 03:00 UTC with perfect copy of the MFSK 
32 and 64 texts, and images.  Less so using PSK 63F with quite a few 
errors.  No luck at all decoding the THORs digital, nor the Flamp 
digital.  I did download FLamp, but nothing happened, so perhaps I 
didn't configure it properly.  Any ideas how it's supposed to work?  
Does it work with the Fldigi?  Also, FLdigi doesn't support the THOR 
transmissions that Kim added.  Anyway, here's what part of the 
transmission looked like tonight.  All on 5745 kHz from Greenville:
 > Inline image 1
 > 73, from Walt Salmaniw, Victoria, BC


Hi Walter,
on _5745_kHz_ I also had many errors in PSK63F. MSFK128 was 
catastrophic, also not helped more: FLAMP........
The rest worked o.k., with my equipment

Better was the radio broadcast on _17860_kHz_.
Everything seemed to be perfect.
Even the MFSK128 transfer worked in the 1st Pass. The second 
transmission-correction for FLAMP was not necessary for me.

QTH is in D-06193 Petersberg/Germany   Ant. Dipol for the 40mBand
My signal transmission chain/way:
ICOM IC-R75 ====> IF mixer (DRM) 455kHz ===> 12kHz ===> PC sound card 
AC97 MIC in ===> Decoding IF with STUDIO1
===> Audio via SPDIF to the 2nd Soundcard (Soundbaster Live!) for FLDIGI

During the IF-demodulation of AM-signals I always use only one side of 
the AM signal (LSB or USB separately, not the entire sum of the audio