[A-DX] Nicaragua

Wolfgang Bueschel
So Mai 5 09:34:32 CEST 2013


ein Tip aus Florida, über den Fischer Prediger:

NICARAGUA   8989u  "El Pescador Preacher" at 2305 UT with religion en
Espanol under t-storm racket, weaker signal than usual, thanks Mark Coady
log 29 April.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer May 4)

Google ergibt dies:
I think that the program is carried out by the coastal station transmitter.
>From Nicaragua, presumably from Puerto Cabezas. The content of broadcasts-
preaching for 45 minutes (monologue), then about 5 minutes QSOs with fishing
vessels, the blessings of a job and a good catch. Often referred to
Nicaraguan place names.

Google führt aber auch zu diesem Bericht über nikaraguanische Fischer.