[A-DX] PCJ Radio International via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

"D. Kähler"
Di Mai 7 19:27:17 CEST 2013

Das flatterte vorhin via DXLD herein. Herr Perron testet nun via 
Trincomalee, während man vom eigenen Standort auf Taiwan ja in letzter 
Zeit nicht soooo viel mitbekommen hat.
Die Sendedetails unten, drei Termine, 19. Mai, 26. Mai, 2. und 9. Juni.


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Betreff: [dxld] PCJ Radio International via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
Datum: Tue, 7 May 2013 15:49:23 +0100
Von: Ste Cooper <

The schedule, frequency and dates for the PCJ tests from Trincomalee
have been posted by Keith Perron:


Time: 1300 to 1400UTC
Dates: May 19, 26; June 2, 9th – 2013
Frequency: 11750khz – 25 meter band
Target area: East and South East Asia
Power: 125 KW
Azimuth: 45 degrees

He has also posted the programming details on the Facebook group:

"The content for the 1 hour broadcast will be a 10min news and views.
Followed by a special Happy Station Show for listeners in East and
South East Asia. Frequency coming later."