[A-DX] Log: LRA 36, Base Esperanza, Antarktis, 15476 kHz, 1935 UT, SIO 242

So Mai 12 00:53:18 CEST 2013

Am 12.05.2013 00:39, schrieb Wolfgang Bueschel:
> Mo-Fr in der Luft. Waren das nicht letztens statt 10 nur noch 1 kW ?
> 73 wb
Ja, so die "aktuellsten" Meldungen sprechen von 1 kW:
Horacio Nigro Geolkiewsky       16 de noviembre de 2012 22:06
Updated info on LRA36 from Jorge Villavicencio, Argentina who contacted 
the station:

"This morning I spoke to the Base Esperanza and I talked with Mirta, a 
station announcer.
She told me that the transmissions are sporadic and they are performing 
maintenance on the station to put it on air in early 2013.
I left her with the feeling that even the shortwave broadcasts will not 
be regular, as broadcasters and technicians
are getting ready to leave the ice continent, and budge up a new staff 
that will be working in the coming month
of February in LRA36. The idea is to leave the radio in perfect 
condition for the next Antarctic campaign.
He also mentioned that the station would come out with a power of 1 kW 
and they currently broadcast in the
FM band for the inhabitants of the base and its surroundings."

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