[A-DX] Peru auf Mittelwelle

Christoph Ratzer
So Mai 12 17:34:49 CEST 2013

> 1239,997 Radio Maria, Chilca, 0326 UT

Mauricio Molano hat mich auf einen Fehler in der MWLIST aufmerksam gemacht. 
Radio María OAU-4V 1240 kHz ist in Huancayo. Danke dafür!

"ASOCIACION CIVIL NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL VALLE" is the license holder of the OAU-4V 1240 kHz
station associated and relaying Radio María. Until recent times the location for this station was given as 
"Huancayo" in every publication. But recently it seems the mood has changed and now its location is 
given as "Chilca" everywhere. MWLIST shows some coordinates pointing to a coastal Chilca in the 
Lima Dept. This is wrong. Radio María OAU-4V 1240 kHz is in Huancayo. More exactly: The transmitter 
site is at North of the city in El Tambo district while the registered address for the studio is at Chilca district 
(the southern part of the urban conglomerate). This is in fact the studio address of the FM station licensed 
also by the "ASOCIACION CIVIL NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL VALLE" Radio Cumbre or "RC 98.5". 
If OAU-4V is only a relay of Lima without local programs probably the "studio" address is only a legal 
formalism and the station would be a satellite dish plugged to the transmitter in El Tambo district of Huancayo. 
In a quick look with Google Earth I have found an antenna mast at lat: 12° 1'44.60"S // long: 75°13'33.94"W 
probably the one of OAU-4V. Attached is a Google Earth view and the Official publication of the station license
(the official coordinates points to the middle of the city).
Mauricio Molano

73 Christoph