[A-DX] ILGRadio Kurzwellen Datenbank wieder verfügbar

Christoph Ratzer
Mo Mai 20 20:45:36 CEST 2013

> In dieser Combo scheint mir der eigentliche Unterschied zu anderen
> Unternehmungen zu liegen.

Danke Nils, das hört sich natürlich spannend an. Dieser Zusammenhang - bzw diese Zusammenarbeit wird auf der Webseite von Bernd leider nicht erwähnt.

Dafür dieses:

Why ILGRadio stopped publishing for some years 
The publishing of ILGRadio databse was stopped some years ago due to strong copyright violation from a Japanese web page published under the name AOKI.

1. Fake stations entries were also available in the AOKI list.

2. Errors made in ILG were also found in the AOKI listing

3. Special name writings of transmitter sites were exactly use in this AOKI list

4. ILG was requested by some HFCC FMO´s not to use the exact transmitter sites and contries in the ILGRadio database.

This was accepted by ILG and in the AOKI listing these un-wanted details were published. I have got a lot of trouble with IBB because they have had the impression that ILG has forwarded data to the AOKI publisher.

 Everyone who has ever published his own document, text, books and any other publication can imagine that it makes no fun to publish something for free which is available at the same moment on the other side of the world under a different author name.

Therefore ILG was stopped between 2006 and 2012.

Bernd Friedewald 
(Editor ILG Database)

73 Christoph