[A-DX] "Laser goes DX" is back....

Sa Nov 2 22:29:04 CET 2013

Here is an audio-recording of a fairly rare DX program: "Laser goes DX"  
with Gary Drew.
The reception was at times a bit weak, but overall "useful".
Laser Hot Hits on 4026 kHz is a small low-power station serving UK and 
not Eastern Germany..... ;-)
Received with an IC-R75 and decoded/recorded with STUDIO1 last night in 
D-06193 Petersberg.
It was the first program this year after a long break
The receiving is information and DX at the same time .....

Here is a reference to this interruption:
** EUROPE. Hi Glenn, Another edition of Laser goes DX will be back soon 
now on 4029 KHz. Best Regards, (Gary Drew, UK, March 25, DX LISTENING 

And here's the recording:

73+55 roger