[A-DX] {dxld} VOA Radiogram and KBC text and images Nov 2-3

So Nov 3 19:27:16 CET 2013

Am 02.11.2013 13:57, schrieb :
 > VOA Radiogram for the weekend of November 2-3 will continue its 
experiments with the new long-interleave modes, MFSK64L and MFSK128L.
 > Also a picture sent in MFSK16, 32, 64, and 128.
 > For best results, use Fldigi 3.21.76AU from 
 > More information and this weekend's lineup of modes are here:

 > The North America transmission of The Mighty KBC, Sunday 0000-0200 
UTC (Saturday 8-10 pm EDT) on 7375 kHz (via Germany) will included 
MFSK32 text and images at about 0030 and 0130 UTC. One of these is a 
plug for NASWA.


Here is a combined report of the two frequencies 7373 kHz-KBC and 5745 
KBC from Nauen mainly on the ground-wave, VoA via normal nightly space wave.
While MFSK-text-broadcasts S-AM is highly recommended (2 sidebands / 
FEC.....). When transferring of MFSK-images is it less useful.