[A-DX] Fw: new WWDXC TopNews bcdx #1136 appeared today Nov 8.

Wolfgang Bueschel_web_DF5SX
Sa Nov 9 20:29:32 CET 2013

Re WWDXC TopNews bc-dx #1136

Hier die RHC Korrekturen von Glenn.

Es ist sehr schwierig von Europa aus, eine korrekte La Habana Tabelle 
zusammen zu stellen.

siehe unter CUBA in

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vy73 wb

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From: "Glenn Hauser"
Sent: Friday, November 08, 2013 7:04 PM
Re: Cuba B-13 schedule.

Dear Wolfy,
Glad your treatment is going well.
Cuba: it`s really too early to present a schedule with so many assumptions.

12-13 on 6000 not 6150
12-14 on 9550, 14-16 on 13780, not 13-
12-14 on 9850, 14-16 on 15340
17730 has been GONE for many months

Unsure if all/any of the higher frequencies you have as until 0600 are 
really running that late:
17705, 11840, 15230, 9810

Alo Presidente --- that has been off the air for YEARS.
Remove it from all your schedules, even if RHC has not.

Mesa Redonda, not checked yet, and 9640 not confirmed. Was 13780 during A13

English to Africa is at 22-23 on 11880, not 23-24

English 05- still on 6125 not 6010

73, Glenn

 ... Glenn, please CROSS READ the RHC schedule file for B-13,
 assumed to be as put down, according your notings on Cuba

 vy. 73 de wolfy