[A-DX] Kaufgesuch

Fr Nov 22 16:49:53 CET 2013

Am 22.11.2013 15:38, schrieb H. Denzel:
> ......diesen Preis bekomme ich leider nicht von meiner Finanzministerin genehmigt ;-)

Er ist schließlich der einzige "professionelle DXer" dieser Welt 
gewesen:  ..... ;-)


"........He asked the stations for which he had already been doing 
monitoring if he could be taken on their payroll as a regular staff 
member. This is how it came to pass that Arthur Cushen became the 
world's only professional DX-er."

Auch zum heutigen Tag gibt es einen Bezug:

".....After President Kennedy was shot, Arthur monitored many U.S. AM 
broadcast band stations and relayed the news he heard to the local New 
Zealand stations.
In that era before satellite coverage, they would not have had so much 
news if it had not been for Arthur..."

Und hierzu fällt mir ein:
"....On Christmas morning, 1932, Arthur got up at 3:00 a.m. with his 
father and the rest of his family. They tuned their battery-powered 
radio to the BBC on short-wave to hear the Christmas address of King 
George VI, from far-away England."

==>The King's Speech - Die Rede des Königs /Spielfilm, 
Großbritannien/Australien 2010 Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013, 0:55 Uhr,