[A-DX] LOG: 6005 kHz 06.58z Classic Brodcast / Radiogram / PSK-250R O=3

Sa Nov 23 08:56:55 CET 2013

Program overview of the three shortwave transmitters in PSK-250R for the 
transmission period A13 .... hmmmmm ...... should be B13 .......

Here is my attempt of a recent overview in a html-version with an 
embedded graphics - but no MFSK image.
(Kim Andrww Elliot: "....This shows that MFSK images are nice, but it’s 
actual text that gets through in typical shortwave conditions....")
So it is a text-based svg-image, vector-graphics are not "normal 
Here is the link to my created audio file:
MFSK-128L @ 1500Hz with a message in the flmsg-blank format, base64 compr.
Decoding with Fldigi 3.21.77AB + Flsmg 1.1.33
Should not be a problem if you have already converted such things from 
the VoA Radiogram

It's all just a private test, no document of the radio station.......

73+55 roger