[A-DX] Fw: September 2013 DX Times

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Sep 24 14:33:27 CEST 2013

Für die Pacific affinen Mitleser:

Einige UTE logs aus den September 2013 NZL DX Times
73 wolfgang

5643 1337 All Black score relayed to aircraft 24/8 JW
5687 2100 RNZAF Ohakea to Auckland with Time check DM
6679 0945 Hong Kong Volmet weather report poor and very noisy 11/10 ABD
8765 0628 USCG Tropical warning, plus seas south of San Francisco Bay F/C Id
at 0631 as "US Coast Guard Volmet Out" DM
8828 0930 Honolulu, Hawaii Aviation forecast, 0936 "This Honolulu Radio
Volmet" a number of reports not received Fair 11/10 ABD
8828 0940 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Volmet woman with weather Fair 11/10 ABD
8858 0525 "Jet Star" DomesticMessage from Australian HQ to "Jet Star 170"DM
8867 0212 "Navy 543"(RAAF?) to AK with F/L and maintain.g "Listening
8867 0747 Un Id Voice with "5410 on 88" called AK no reply DM
8867 2153 "Kiwi 334" called by AK told to disregard last Message DM
8867 2130 "Fiji 451" with F/lL 370 called AK DM
9032 0550 Und ID Flight with "On Ice Pegasus", believed to be the USAF
Globmaster out of Christchurch with staff and fresh food, landing at Scot
Base DM
10051 0928 Gander, Canada weather for Winnipeg. 0930 ID good 11/10 ABD
11159 0830 For 3 days have heard here @ 0830 MKL (RAF Volmet) from Ascension
Island relayed from possibly Canada, (During AF Exercise), with African and
Indian Ocean Weather F/C and usual RAF weather for Europe. Many on UDXF
reported this as well, It caused quite a Controversial Logging for many. DM

DM Dallas McKenzie, Buller, Westland - Kenwood R1000, Yaesu FRG-7700,
PCR1000 (Standby), Sony SW7600G. Uniden UBCT8, Standard VR120

JW Jonathan Wood, Mosgiel - Lowe HF 150.

ABD Arthur De Maine, Kakanui - Drake R-8, Icom R70. 25m EWE E - W.

Dallas comments that he has been using Flightradar for flights out of
Australia, but is not always accurate.