[A-DX] Re 5015 unid carrier +4710 Unid & 6010 R Mil

Thomas Nilsson
So Sep 29 23:26:56 CEST 2013

Thanks a lot for that info. This list is new to me. Very nice work done by
Hope the list is official. In that case I will write a few lines about it in
next SWB. Just give me a note if that is OK.

It is a pity so many stations have vanished from the bands lately. By the
way I have a verification from R ICDI on 3390 from April 14 2011. R ICDI was
only there for a very short time.
For all of you station hunters - If you have time check 4710 for possible
audio, best time 0330-0430z. It is a harmonic from 1570 carrying SS and
Ranchera mx. Very weak audio noted only three times so far here in Europe.
Also a very seldom guest is 6010 R Mil noted with sign off at 0359z or a
little later.

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Från: ] För Christoph
Skickat: den 29 september 2013 22:35
Ämne: Re: [A-DX] Re 5015 unid carrier

> The only station near
> 5015 is R Cultura Cuiabá on 5014,96.

Thanks Thomas,

Cultura Cuiabá is late in the evening, Thorsten listening around 1930-2000

Thomas, do you know Thorstens excellent Africa List?

73 Christoph


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