[A-DX] 7995 kHz USB

Rudolf W. Grimm
So Dez 28 14:36:06 CET 2014

Die Antwort von McMurdo. Ich habe die Sendung gleich am Anfang empfangen,
ein OM und danach ein Weinachts Song. Die Infos habe ich an 
gesendet, der auch beantwortet hat. Erstmal eine direkte Antwort und danach
den Standard-Email.
Rx: Kenwood R-1000, Ant.: Magnetic Loop AOR LA-400 (indoor) und teilweise
die PA0RDT, 9.5 m über den Boden.

Rudolf Grimm
PY2-81502 SWL
São Bernardo SP GG66rg


Hi, Rudolf.

Hi, Rudolf.  Thank you very much for your report.  I am very glad you heard
us.  So far, you are the first positive report from Brazil.  Most positive
reports have come from Germany and the Netherlands.  Many different sites
around Antarctica were transmitting (see list below), and the e-mails I have
received so far reported hearing a song transmitted by South Pole Station.

I’m really glad you enjoyed how this brought together so many people from
many different group.  I hope that you will send me a QSL; I should have
these ready to send out some time in February.

Merry Christmas and 73,

Hi, everyone!  Merry Christmas!  

We had a wonderful time singing over the radio from Antarctica this year on
7995 kHz.  We heard carols not only from McMurdo Station, but many of the
other bases and remote field camps as well.  This includes South Pole
Station (American), Mario Zuchelli Station (Italian), Siple Dome Station
(Italian), Grounding Station (American), Diamond Hills Field Camp (We
think!) (American), and Science Event I-196 (American).

I have already received SWL reports from a number of listeners, and am very
happy to report that a number of operators reported that they heard Hark the
Herald Angels Sing come through the static for about 30 seconds.  This
transmission originated from South Pole Station.  So far, these reports have
come from the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia.  A few US stations
believe they heard the transmission as well.  Many reported using the
University of Twente Web SDR.

Here are some recordings you can listen to:
Hark the Herald Angels Sing transmitted from South Pole Station recorded on
7995 kHz USB with U of Twente Web SDR (Netherlands):
Hark the Herald Angels Sing transmitted from South Pole Station recorded on
7995 kHz USB from MacOps (McMurdo): http://youtu.be/0q4gFNWdBK0
We Wish You a Merry Christmas transmitted from McMurdo Station (Recorded
live in McMurdo): http://youtu.be/TAaWGlwq4B0

Your e-mail reports made everyone very happy down here.  We are all very
excited to receive Christmas greetings from around the world!

Merry Christmas, and VY 73 from the Ice,
Nathaniel, KC4/W2NAF

McMurdo Station - Deck the Halls
Mario Zuchelli (Italian Base) - Italian Christmas Carol
McMurdo Station - Let It Snow
Siple Dome - Anges We Have Heard On High (in Italian)
McMurdo Station - Little Drummer Boy
South Pole Station - Jingle Bells
Grounding Zone - Grandma Got Run Over by a ReindeerDiamond Hills Field Camp
- Silent Night (with Ukelele Accompaniment)
Mario Zuchelli Station - Adeste Fideles
South Pole Station - Joy to the World
Siple Dome - Silent Night (in Italian)
McMurdo Station - 12 McMurdo Days of Christmas
Science Event I-196 -Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Siple Dome - Adeste Fideles
McMurdo Station - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
South Pole Station - Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Reported heard by SWL