[A-DX] VOA Radiogram 4-5 Jan 2014 / 16.00z @ 17860 + 02.30z @ 5745kHz

So Jan 5 10:42:39 CET 2014

Am 04.01.2014 13:59, schrieb Roger:
> The broadcast from 09:30-10.00z on 5745 kHz had quite a DX character.

During the radio broadcast on January 4th 2014 on 17860 kHz at 16.00z 
the transatlantic connection was good as usual:

The first 3 minutes of the third radio broadcast from 5th January 2014 
were necessary, because I was a little late at the receiver to the 
second radiogram.
I had only noticed there was a end of a transmission before the preview.
Now I wanted to know what this was. Obviously a picture to calibrate the 
sound card was sent.
The conditions on the 5745 kHz here in Europe were difficult. USB 
sideband was completely overlapped by a digital STANAG (?) signal.
Also in LSB, there were impairments of the speech range. But the 1500 
Hz-data area was useful. Images were just so-so, but the text was perfect.