[A-DX] Voice of Peace

Friedrich-Walter Adam
Mi Jan 8 19:15:47 CET 2014

> WRTH 1983:
> ADDR: P.O. Box 4399, Tel Aviv, Israel. Te: (03) 245560.
> L.P: Pres: Abe Nathan. Prgr. Dir: Graham Day. Engs: A. Howard,
> S. Growcott.
> STATION: M/V "Peace" (anchored 6mls off Tel Aviv) 1539kHz
> 2x25kW (ann. as 1540) — FM: 100MHz 81.5kW (stereo).
> D.PRGRS: 24h in English, Hebrew and Arabic. N (Hebrew): 0500-
> 2300 on the h. exc. 1800 (relay Israel Radio Prgr. B).
> ANN: "From somewhere in the Mediterranean, we are the Voice of
> Peace". V. by letter. Reports appreciated, but cannot always reply
> due to staff shortage.
> NB: The Voice of Peace is a registered charity in the U.S.A.

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73  Fritz-Walter