[A-DX] Griechenland radio story

Wolfgang Bueschel
Fr Jan 10 09:37:02 CET 2014

exERT3 / Heute morgen war/ist keine mux auf Kurzwelle aus Avlis zu hören.

Auf Mittelwelle konnte ich Chania Kreta auf 1511.929 kHz mit viel griech. 
Musik vor 0600 UT, dann der ID um 06.01:43 UT hören.

Tent. griech. exERA R Komotini gehört auf 1404.012 kHz,
da waren aber noch das ungarische Programm von Radio Cluj
via Targu Mures Vadu Izei auf 1404.009 kHz,
sowie Ajaccio radio aus Korsika in Korsisch auf 1404.000 kHz je nach 

v1259 kHz Rhodos war um diese Zeit nicht in der Luft.

Metalldiebe haben die Mittelwellensender Athen 666 und 729 kHz um die
wertvollen Metalle 'erleichtert'. Die Station war nach der Entlassung der
Senderingenieure nur sporadisch ohne Sicherheitsdienst kontrolliert worden.

73 wb

eine Maschinen Übersetzung:
Burglary and theft occurred in broadcasting in Pachi Megara, at the two
transmitters medium ERT NRA spores (981 kHz) and friendship (666 kHz). The
contractor's technician "Greek Public Radio" (named for the competent)
arrived on site to operate the transmitter, found broken doors and looting
of electronic equipment and had removed more than a ton of copper from the
transmitter. To place the transmitter off, but also damaged thousands of
Euros. The theft seems to have been known by gangs which remove metals and

The transmitters ERT at Megara had sustained staff and storage until the
closing day of the ERT, when turned off. Employees ERT demanded from June
to November to occur due process handover, which never happened due to
poor - to - nonexistent organization of intermediary and understaffing.
Such phenomena reportedly exist in other parts of the territory, the
abandoned property of ERT.

Megara ERT had extremely expensive facilities consisted of two high power
transmitters, which covered a range throughout the Mediterranean. The 2012
were in danger with closure under cuts transmitters middle of the NRA, but
after protests from listeners who could not take the NRA Sports on FM,
were again operational. It is unknown if Neritan, which is now the owner
of the premises, has the intention and the economic and technical
potential to reopen the two transmitters.

"The loot ERT, after the invasion of the MAT radiomegaro been anticipated,
and indeed we had asked for the intervention of the prosecutor for smooth
delivery, not only the building, but ..., and all assets of ERT
throughout. This was not the presence of workers, and the various
transmitters broadcasting and other assets that were guarding the
redundant ERT were left at the mercy of thieves and crooks. Thus,
unattended property ERT fell into hands of unscrupulous burglars."
Sources: ERT Open, Fimotro ( via exERT Solidarité website, Jan 5)