[A-DX] [dxld] VOA Radiogram, Jan 25-26, includes MFSK16 times 2

So Jan 26 13:56:09 CET 2014

Am 25.01.2014 00:43, schrieb :
> VOA Radiogram for the weekend of January 25-26 will include two 
> simultaneous MFSK16 transmissions on the same shortwave broadcast channel.
> Then the broadcast speeds up to MFSK64 (240 wpm) for two VOA News 
> stories with images, plus an image of me shoveling snow.
> Details about this weekend's VOA Radiogram:
> voaradiogram.net/post/74380708549/voa-radiogram-25-26-jan-2014-includes-mfsk16-times-2 
> <http://voaradiogram.net/post/74380708549/voa-radiogram-25-26-jan-2014-includes-mfsk16-times-2>

That was an interesting thing that had worked.
Perhaps this is also possible with 2 x MFSK32.......
One track in English and one Spanish track simultaneously, for example.
For the handling a compact method would be easier.
But 2xMFSK16 or 4x MFSK16 as multi-carrier mode has yet to be invented.
Here is my decoding of yesterday:


At the end again some received EASYPAL images - this time with