[A-DX] 6020 sonntags 1800-1827 UT freier Kanal, Adygea Radio Maykop

Wolfgang Bueschel
So Jan 26 19:21:00 CET 2014

Z.Zt 6020 frei, bis CRI in Bulgarisch startet um 1827 UT.

Adygea Radio Maykop Sonntags 18-19 UT.

73 wb

I've got a signal peak of Adygea Radio Maykop on 6020 kHz, yesterday

Jan 20, at 1728-1735 UT, and could realize the same young lady song when

compared to their online recording on website






Transmission originate from Armavir Tbilisskaya shortwave center. 1700-

1800 Mons/Tues, 1800-1900 Sundays, mixed probably Adygean, Arabic, and

also - a third - Turkish language, when program ID, details, and web,

waveband, addresses given.


The Maykop programs are very language voice mixed:

Turkish / Arabic because this in each of the second language of the (19th

century) emigrated or deported Circassians in the Middle East.


Otherwise, wikipedia is about useful on Circassians


(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)